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Pagans, Neopagans, Wiccans

All Wiccans are neopagans.  Most neopagans are not Wiccans.  Most pagans are not neopagans. There is a misconception among many that Wiccans, pagans, and neopagans are all the same people. In fact, they are subsets of one another. What is a Pagan? Pagan has been used by Christians to describe unbelievers for many centuries. Today, […]

Wicca is not Celtic and Other Simple Truths

by Kaathryn MacMorgan What is “Celtic?” What defines a Celt? What do we know about them? Is Wicca Celtic? What is the ancient religion of the Celts? What’s Faerie Wicca? Is it real? What is a Celt? The Celts are one of the indigenous peoples of Europe. Historically, their lands ranged from Ireland, though Great […]

Miscellaneous Reviews

Raymond Buckland, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft Also known as Uncle Bucky’s Big Blue Book, thanks to its traditional blue cover. I generally avoid anything claiming to be the “complete” book of a religion. However, Buckland has the excuse that this book was first printed in 1986, when there were few books on Wicca available. […]

Circle Casting

Every religion has a concept of sacred space, a place of particular holiness, where there is more of a connection between the spiritual and the mundane.   These may be houses of worship or an axis mundi, a metaphorical central point in the world. In Christianity, for example, the axis mundi in Jerusalem.  In the […]

Who We Worship

Wiccan practice revolves around the worship of two gods, a god and a goddess. However, the identities of these deities vary from group to group and even Wiccan to Wiccan, which causes no small amount of frustration in non-Wiccans trying to understand us. Western religious views are primarily monotheistic.  As such, everyone in the religion […]

Books to Avoid

While I generally recommend that everyone to read as many views as possible in order to form their own opinions, I personally consider the following books and authors to be a waste of time, not to mention dangerously misleading for newcomers as they are full of inaccuracies. Silver Ravenwolf, To Ride a Silver Broomstick or […]

Who is Fiona Horne? by Juliaki

Fiona’s life story reads like a Hollywood screenplay. She was adopted at an early age, raised Catholic, and considered becoming a nun. When her teenage rebellious streak hit, she gave up Catholicism and became a Satanist. From Satanism, Fiona decided to make a complete 180 towards a path of “love and light” New Age mysticism. […]

Book Reviews

I have not read a new book in ages, nor am I expecting to unless I return to a few half-read books on my shelf.  Unfortunately, I’ve not seen a worthy book on the store shelves in a long time.  That doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  I just haven’t found them.  Also, my criteria is […]

Traditional Practice, Eclecticism, Solitaries, Circles, and Covens

Wiccans often identify themselves as being part of subgroups within Wicca.  The two biggest divisions are between Traditional and Eclectic Wicca, with Traditional Wicca further broken down into traditions. Traditional Wicca Traditions are similar to the denominations of Christianity. Each Tradition, or Trad, has its own distinct beliefs, and those beliefs differ to some degree […]

161 Laws

The content here is identical to that in the Old Laws. It is included here because it is a little easier to read, and because this is the format generally found on the internet. This appears to be the work of someone who felt a little lonely without their Ten Commandments, and so broke the […]