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General FAQ: Do Wiccans Have to….?

This section addresses a sizable list of frequently asked questions, misconceptions, and concerns about Wicca. There’s a variety of reasons why these questions and ideas have even come about. Some of it is misunderstanding, and some of it is bad representation. As usual, I am speaking from the position of mainstream Wicca and its established […]

Wicca and Satanism

I always hate answering this question because, at this point, the majority of people know Wicca clearly isn’t Satanism.  They don’t even consider the question.  However, it still comes up enough to merit mention here. There is nothing slightly Satanic about Wicca.  Wiccans don’t even believe in Satan or other inherently evil entity. Good and […]

Is Wicca a Cult?

The word cult has a variety of meanings. The Longman Dictionary’s first definition of the word is simply “Formal religious veneration; worship.” In that sense, Wicca is a cult, as is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and ever other religion on this planet. Cult can also be used to designate an “unorthodox” practice, but that determination […]

Is This a Real Religion?

The United States does not determine what is or is not a religion, much less what counts as “real.” However, this country has recognized Wicca as a serious organization for several decades: it has been included in the military chaplains’ handbook since 1975. In addition: Hundreds of Wiccan covens and other Wiccan organizations have gained […]