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Miscellaneous Reviews

Raymond Buckland, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft Also known as Uncle Bucky’s Big Blue Book, thanks to its traditional blue cover. I generally avoid anything claiming to be the “complete” book of a religion. However, Buckland has the excuse that this book was first printed in 1986, when there were few books on Wicca available. […]

Books to Avoid

While I generally recommend that everyone to read as many views as possible in order to form their own opinions, I personally consider the following books and authors to be a waste of time, not to mention dangerously misleading for newcomers as they are full of inaccuracies. Silver Ravenwolf, To Ride a Silver Broomstick or […]

Who is Fiona Horne? by Juliaki

Fiona’s life story reads like a Hollywood screenplay. She was adopted at an early age, raised Catholic, and considered becoming a nun. When her teenage rebellious streak hit, she gave up Catholicism and became a Satanist. From Satanism, Fiona decided to make a complete 180 towards a path of “love and light” New Age mysticism. […]

Books About General Neopaganism

While most of the books reviewed here focus specifically on Wicca, there are books about wider neopaganism that are worth a read.  Reviews follow the Amazon links.   Joyce & River Higgenbotham, Pagan Spirituality: A Guide to Personal Transformation Pagans face a variety of difficulties in their spiritual development. Their faith and spirituality was formed […]

Books on Non-Wicca-Specific Magical Practices

I normally keep the topics of Wicca and magic separate.  However, the fact is many Wiccans are also interested in magic, some books do discuss both, and there certainly are things you can study in one that helps with understanding in the other.  The very fact I tried reading these books says something about them, […]

Books on the History of Wicca

Reviews for books dedicated to the history of Wicca (the real, 20th century history, not the ancient history long debunked as ludicrous) can be found below the Amazon links. Ronald Hutton, Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft. This is becoming a must read for Wiccans, especially for those with any interest […]

Books of Wiccan Spiritual and Magical Ritual

The following three books provide a fair amount of information on spiritual and magical ritual from a Wiccan point of view.  Reviews are below. Isaac Bonewits, The Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca This is a wonderful no-nonsense, unfluffy source of information regarding what Wicca is and is not, how it relates to the Neopagan […]

Book Recommendations for Beginners

I strongly recommend all four books below to people just starting to learn about Wicca.  In particular, I stress reading Thea Sabin’s book first as it sets down basic fundamentals that a lot of other sources ignore.  I place Deborah Lipp’s book last because she talks about why we do certain things in ritual.  As […]

Continuing Anger Over Silver Ravenwolf

Few writers in the neopagan community are as controversial as Silver Ravenwolf.  She remains a popular writer, particularly, I suspect, among teens.  But she also brings out a great amount of frustration and anger in many other pagans who find her works shallow, dishonest, bigoted, and outright wrong. Can’t we simply agree to disagree?  Yes, […]