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Christian Wicca

To my knowledge,  there is a single book and website written by a Christian Wiccan. That website has changed multiple times, rendering my original footnotes useless.  As of May 25, 2014, the website’s domain is expired, leaving nothing at all to be referenced.  This is why most quotes here have no source notations. There is […]

The Pentagram

Many religions, even those involving a variety of symbols, hold one above all others to represent the religion. For Jews it is the star of David. For Christians it is the cross, although they employ dozens of variations of the basic design. For Wiccans, it is the pentagram. The pentagram has existed for thousands of […]

Why Calling Out Bad History Matters

I’m not just interested in teaching history; I am also interested in debunking bad history. It’s something I’ve been conscious of for a long time.. and not because I’m simply petty or confrontational or a know-it-all; it’s because bad history matters. History is powerful. It’s one of those things on which people base their outlooks, […]

General FAQ: Do Wiccans Have to….?

This section addresses a sizable list of frequently asked questions, misconceptions, and concerns about Wicca. There’s a variety of reasons why these questions and ideas have even come about. Some of it is misunderstanding, and some of it is bad representation. As usual, I am speaking from the position of mainstream Wicca and its established […]

Healing the Spiritual Rift: Wicca and Satanism

  Wicca and Satanism have an awkward association with one another.  Both have drawn from some of the same sources, particularly 19th century magical rituals and beliefs.  This visual similarity, exaggerated by Hollywood and and the religious right, has led some to accuse Wiccans of actually being Satanists. In response, Wiccans often not only object […]

The Validity of Eclecticism and Non-Initiation

  When Wicca began, everyone was a Traditionalist: they were members of covens that trained them in the ways of the coven and put them through an initiation ceremony.  How then does one justify describing non-initiates and eclectics as Wiccans? First, it is very common for Traditional covens to describe all members as Wiccans, including […]

Becoming Wiccan

How do I become Wiccan? is a fairly common question I hear, and I suspect the answer is not what the asker is expecting. Becoming Wiccan is not about passing a test, proving your worth to another, or correctly performing a ritual.  Being a Wiccan means you understand what Wicca is, why we do what […]

The Wiccan Rede

  The Rede is the most basic expression of ethics in Wicca.  It consists of two simple lines: An ye harm none, do what ye will, or And it harm none, do what you will.  If something is harmless, you are permitted to do it. Not “harm none” Many people abbreviate the Rede to two words: […]

The Book of Shadows (BoS)

  A Book of Shadows is both a collection of a coven’s traditions passed from teacher to student and the individual owner’s religious diary.  For those operating outside of a coven, a Book of Shadows is entirely personal and might include beliefs, questions, private thoughts, meditations, rituals, experiences, or anything else that contributes to their […]

Margaret Murray’s Witch-Cult: How Wicca and Witchcraft Became Entangled

While the problem lessens every year, I still commonly come across those who use Wicca and witchcraft interchangeably. There’s no factual reason for the two to ever be associated: Wicca is a religion, while witchcraft is a magical practice. Most witches are not Wiccans, and many Wiccans are not witches. However, through a variety of […]