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Wiccan Basics

The God and Goddess
   Triple Goddess
   Horned God
   Goddess Worship
   Historical Deities
Wiccan Rede
The Law of Return
Magic and Spellcasting
The Circle
The Pentagram
Book of Shadows
The Elements
Working Tools
Wheel of the Year

Craft Names

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Liturgy, Laws & Dogmas
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Myth and History
Why Bad History Matters
Myth of Matriarchy
The Really Old Religion
   Murray's Unlikely Theory
Power of Pagan Women
The Christian Church
The Burning Times
The Real History of Wicca
Wiccans, Witches,
Pagans and Magicians

What is a Fluffy Bunny?

Email the Author

My availability for answering emails is a constantly varying thing. I have once again found myself unable to dedicate enough time to emails through this site. In light of this, I am once more closing down this email page until such time as I can give it proper attention.

I recommend to people interested in Wicca that they join the email list and voice their questions there. There's a good group of folks who participate on the list and I encourage readers to join them.


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