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Wiccan Basics

The God and Goddess
   Triple Goddess
   Horned God
   Goddess Worship
   Historical Deities
Wiccan Rede
The Law of Return
Magic and Spellcasting
The Circle
The Pentagram
Book of Shadows
The Elements
Working Tools
Wheel of the Year

Craft Names

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Liturgy, Laws & Dogmas
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Myth and History
Why Bad History Matters
Myth of Matriarchy
The Really Old Religion
   Murray's Unlikely Theory
Power of Pagan Women
The Christian Church
The Burning Times
The Real History of Wicca
Wiccans, Witches,
Pagans and Magicians

What is a Fluffy Bunny?


Essay Sites
Juliaki's Essays - Posted in her LiveJournal "memories," these essays are straightforward, well reasoned, well written, and full of insight not often seen on the web or in print.
Daven's Journal - This site provides much more than just essays, including a damn good list of book reviews, but I particularly respect his series of essays.
Issac Bonewits' Homepage
Proteus Coven - Provides information on the branch of the Gardnerian family, along with several of author Judy Harrow's essays.
Why Wiccans Suck - The original site has vanished, but this is the archived version. A little harsher than my approach, this was nevertheless one of the sites that pushed me into creating this one.

Wiccan sites
Wiccan Church of Canada FAQ - This is the most comprehensive (and coherent!) set of Frequently Asked Questions that I have found to date on the web.
Beaufort House
- Information concerning British Traditional Wicca. Many of the links are, unfortunately, broken, but there is more than enough good information available here to merit mention here.
Desiree's Musings - I'm particularly impressed by the links offered on this site. Lots of essays and intelligent commentaries.
Tangled Moon Coven
GeraldGardner.com - An intelligent look at the founder of Wicca, pros and cons.

Pagan sites
Ár nDraíocht Féin - "Our Own Druidism," largest Druid organization in the United States, started by Issac Bonewits
Asiya's Shadows - Expansive, totally unfluffy information
Association of Polytheist Traditions - particularly the "Articles" section
Ranting Witches - Promoting historical truth in Wicca and Witchcraft.
The Pagan's Path - Lots of good info, especially on sabbats. Note than when she talks of Celtic Traditions, she is talking modern Celtic Paganism, not historical Celtic beliefs.
God/dess of the Month Club - A little tongue in cheek, but very informative
Sacred Grove of the Forgotten Goddesses
The Witches' Voice - Looking for Pagans in your area? Checkout the worldwide database here.

Beliefnet - Where you can find practitioners of damn near every religion under the sun.

Historical sites
Goddess Myths
Who is Who in Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
The Witching Hours - A historical look at the European Witch Craze
The Theoi Project - More Greek myths. I wish I could find a Celtic site as comprehensive as this.
Northvegr Foundation: Northern European Studies Texts - Piles and piles of Norse primary sources, as well as secondary sources

Magic and Occultism
Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
The Hermetic Library - A somewhat misleading title in my opinion, as it focuses on more recent works and authors. This site includes the works of Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare.

Historical Magical and Esoteric Texts
Twilit Grotto
Hermetics Resource Site

New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans
Internet Sacred Text Online - Topics of note: Esoteric/Occult, Thelema, Celtic, Gardnerian Book of Shadows. Be wary of books in the Neopaganism/Wicca section - as the site explains: "Many of these books contain outdated or speculative material, and some of the texts here are the product of the Renaissance witch hunters. As a whole, the books here are of historical importance rather than a roadmap to modern pagan practice, and shouldn't be construed as such. As always, we encourage readers to think critically. "


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